For quality purposes, Live Streaming events are not happening in live time. The events are however, recorded live, adhering to the current government social distancing guidelines at the time of filming.

UNLESS EXPRESSLY AUTHORISED BY LA DOLCE VITA OR ALPHA, any recording, broadcasting, rebroadcasting or web streaming of content produced by La Dolce Vita is strictly prohibited. LDV and Alpha have exclusive copyrights to the various shows it produces and as such LIVE or delayed broadcast on Television, websites, blogs and/or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter and YouTube is an infringement of such rights.

Any person, entity or corporation found at any event in violation of this, will be immediately ejected from all future live streams, have their membership access removed and can be charged under applicable copyright laws. Furthermore, any person who rebroadcasts the online LIVE streams will be permanently banned from all online channels and copyright infringement action may be brought against him/her.

Because the LDV live content is streamed over the internet, several factors, including your viewing computer device system resources as well as your internet connection speed bandwidth, affect the quality of your live media viewing experience.

If your computer device system and/or internet connection speed bandwidth does not meet the minimum requirements for streaming, you are likely to receive a less than satisfactory signal (i.e. excessive buffering, stop-start play or pixilation). LDV and Alpha do not hold any responsibility for any issues with your device or internet signal.

LDV and Alpha streaming sessions may be interrupted due to transmission issues beyond our control. In such instances, transmission will resume as soon as possible.