La Dolce Vita

"The Club that gets you into other clubs..."

With an outstanding portfolio of exclusive VIP Parties and Red Carpet events in the UK and Overseas, this membership is certainly about enjoyment and living for the moment! With our on-going relationships with other clubs we can connect you with their exclusive offerings and events too, meaning the fun is endless.
Being a part of the Alpha Family and a partner with Alpha Club and Alpha Rewards, this membership has multiple tiers that will enhance your lifestyle in a variety of ways, there is most definitely something for everyone. We take care of the things that matter in your home life…. and in your social life.

“if you only have 24 hours to live, a La Dolce Vita Party is the place to be”.

With access to outstanding events, star-studded headliners and guests, a La Dolce Vita experience is out of this world.
You don’t need to be a full member to enjoy the glitz and glamour of a La Dolce Vita party! By purchasing a La Dolce Vita Club Card, you can benefit from an array of Club benefits that not only enhance your lifestyle but will also provide an array of quality, regular entertainment too! Let us bring the party to you, by accessing our Live Streamed Events in partnership with Alpha Club, you will be blown away by the superb performances from world class entertainment in the comfort of your own home.
It’s not all about the red carpet experiences, our membership offering also gives you access to cashback offers, exclusive discounts, prize draws and competitions, which means that you can save money on thousands of retail offerings and much more!